Freemasons: A Brief History and site Review

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Freemasons: A Brief History and site Review

The order of the Freemasons has for centuries being a vital aspect of the community. Before attempting to show you where to find freemasons in the current world, you need to have a foundational understanding of who they are, were and what their movement was all about in years past and presently.

Principles of Freemasons

 The Freemasons take pride first and foremost on two vital principles: loyalty and secrecy to knowledge. Freemasons might be thought of as what a labor union or worker’s guild are today. They protected one another’s rights and were part of the greater working movement of their time. Ancient Freemasons might be rightly described as Skilled laborers, and a great deal of their legacy was based in their architectural design methods and building.

Freemasons had a heavy focus on architecture and design; they were behind some of the most revered cathedrals and castles of the medieval periods. They were expert craftsmen and had an in-depth knowledge of the laboring arts, involving themselves in several projects, especially those that involved the usage of stone.

Freemasons Lodges

 The Freemasons usually meet in their freemason lodges to discuss their dealings and business of the day. They were also in charge of the careful building of their Masonic Temples and wonderful masterpieces. These structures are quite visible today predominantly in England and several other European locations. Their architecture and symbolism are still alive up until now.

Their underground system was kept in top secrecy and silence for a purpose. They forbade any individual who had not demonstrated ability to become a member. Usually, Freemasons act as master figures to upcoming young freemasons, who were around 10 years of age; Freemasons typically spend close to 7 years under apprenticeship and normally lived with the master in his living quarters to constantly learn from his teachings. After then the apprentice graduate a journeyman if he demonstrate adequate knowledge with accuracy and care.

Freemasons Obligation

 Freemasons who are accepted into the fraternal brotherhood were obligated to communicate entry and recognition through a chain of secret passwords. Thus this was the first known fraternal organization to use this system of password secrecy in addition to symbology.

Catholic Church and Freemasons

 The Catholic Church has spoken out rightly against Freemasons and even banned them, even though there are no indications that they were anti-religious. Their members were allowed to practice any religion they so choose and the organization is by no means an anti-religious organization but they’ve refrained from involvement in religious and political topics; they felt it would create dissent amongst their members.

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